7 Reasons To NOT Take Your Wife Hiking On Your 19th Anniversary


  1. Labor

    Too much like work. It's not very relaxing! 

  2. Heat

    Because hiking is not often conducted indoors or in colder times of the year (at least, not for us).

  3. Sweat

    It effects her differently than it does you.  There’s makeup and stuff.

  4. Restaurant Closing time

    Closing time for the only restaurant close by is inconvenient. 

  5. You Get Rushed

    Because #4, you get rushed and miss wonderful natural attractions and moments that you otherwise would enjoy.  You cannot run and chat at the same time.

  6. Hills that you MUST climb!  

    What goes down, must come back up. Also, if #4 applies, there is added difficulty and stress 

  7. No Lovin’

    Chances are at the end of the day, you  are expecting to get some... well 😉❤️!   And you have almost killed her trying to get back in time for dinner.  (Obviously, we could single this down to 1 reason..)

A Surprise for My Celtic Cheerleader

     My goal as father and husband is to build a beautiful family culture in my home.  I like to keep things interesting and surprising, to keep love-in-action as an regular occurrence for my kids and my wife.  So for this latest surprise, my son and I had a weekend home, while mommy and sissy traveled away for a cheering competition. My daughter's Celtics team brought home 1st place in 2 categories, so we made a little banner to welcome them home and celebrate their accomplishment.

Dad Welcomes His Wife & Family Home... Service Style!

My family returns home today from Tennessee and I have to work late.   I want my wife to know I love her and to come home to no stress, so I have done a little cleaning.  Acts of Service is a Love Language that speaks highly to some spouses.  While my wife is not primarily an Acts of Service person, she does appreciate my service at times.  I appreciate her "services" as well!  Maybe soon, I'll get to enjoy those?!!  :) 

Video Credits:  Special Thanks to Dr. Gary Chapman and his book "The 5 Love Languages."

Order in the Home!

    My recent studies in the Scripture concerning the Presence of God have lead me to revisit a Word our Church received in January concerning "Order."  At this point, I am not completely clear on how order fits into a pursuit of the Presence of God, but I find it interesting that when the angel visited Zechariah with an announcement of a son, Zechariah was executing the Priest's office .... (you guessed it) in ORDER.. (Luke 1:8).        When pondering order in the home specifically, I must know God's design for such.  A knowledge of God's design for my home followed by my obedience to operate in the order that He has set forth in Scripture will align me to receive all God has for my family, and (I am hoping) to maintain a sweet environment of His Presence here with us!  Is this not a goal for every home?  

Happy Birthday to my Wife!

   Today is my wife's birthday!  On Monday, she was in Louisville, Ky for the NKOTB, Boys II Men, and 98 Degrees Concert with a couple of her friends as her "big" birthday gift!  But on her actual birthday, I wanted to make her feel special with a simple gift that she would enjoy.. nothing major!  Remember, she receives gifts as a sincere expression of my love for her.  Here's what I came up with!  Special thanks to God for creative ideas!  

   Would you have enjoyed this gift?  Also, I could really use other creative ideas to say "I love you!" clearly to my wife.  Comment or e-mail me at myfamilydynamic@gmail.com and let me know some cool ideas..   I appreciate it!  

Wifey Surprise! Maybe?

    When love is not being actively expressed in the marriage relationship, due to life factors, e.g. busy schedules, hobbies or other focus, etc. or simply by not giving the marriage it's due priority, tension sometimes rises in the household.  Left uncontrolled, these can spiral downward quickly toward the moment of explosion (you married folk know what I am talkin' about, and if you don't, I would like to meet you and have dinner).  Someone in the relationship must stop the downward spiral by making a decision to love... actively love!  This is love in ACTION!    

   This video is a documented effort to Love my wife... with ACTION!   

Video Credits:  Special Thanks to Dr. Gary Chapman and his book "The 5 Love Languages."