Kingdom Rock... Professor Joey, Here to Serve!

    This week has been a full week for sure!  VBS nightly from 6:00-9:00 (toothache on top of that, but please ignore my complaining!). The interesting thing is....  I find myself full!   I have made it a focus to bless kids and pray for their families, and I have had a blast doing so.  The children have been great and very participatory, and their smiling faces causes joy to fill my spirit.  My service would not be complete, however, without the great team of people with which I have walked this week, Professor Richard, Professor Tim and "the Minions,"  (said in a thick French accent..) Austin & Maria.   I just love to walk with God's people!   So looking forward to this evening and the final night of VBS, I hope to capture all I can of the moment I have been given to walk with the finest team and to bless kids and their families so that their lives are eternally impacted! 

Our team in the Imagination Station at Kingdom Rock with some kids from the First Grade Group.