Walking With Other Families: A Weekend Getaway

     One of the things that my wife and I learned quite some time ago was the benefit of walking with other families and how enriching it is to our own family.  God's act of "fitly framing together"  the Body of Christ (Eph. 2:21)  calls Kingdom people to walk with others.  Isolation is a strategy of the enemy often used to scatter and separate people, families, marriages, etc.  Conversely, the work of Christ is to gather the scattered into the Body of Christ, which is comprised of many members walking together under Christ's headship.  

    A couple weeks back, our family received an invitation to join a few other families on a camping trip to a local lake, and boy did we have a great time of relaxation, fun, laughter and fellowship.  A bonus was added when our kids' grandparents showed up to add to the fun!  This short video is a compilation of some of the fun we had on the lake!  If your family is not enjoying fellowship with other families, give it a try!    

Our Independence Day Weekend!

   I so wished I would have caught the shot where my daughter awakens my dad with whipped cream, that would have solidified the humor in this compilation! Oh well!

   I count it a blessing to raise my family in this great country.  Pondering our nation's independence, I can't help but appreciate those who devoted and gave their lives for the cause, "One Nation, Under God!"  May God continue to bless those who serve this great nation as we continue to live in the fruit of their labors, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  God Bless and keep the USA!  

    Hope you and your families had a great Independence Day weekend!   

Special Thanks for the music to: 

Kevin MacLeod, who produced Big Rock, which is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.